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According To Chris

Welcome to AccordingToChris.com. Thank you for stopping by. Check out the Blog and the Podcast of past shows or According To Chris. As always I'd like to invite you to join me at 10pm Friday's for informative guests and stimulating, relevant conversation.


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From Blog

  • racially-diverse-church
    The Lie of Church Diversity

    In today’s world we talk a lot about Diversity. But I find that what is missing from the diversity discussion is the real act of inclusion. Inclusion speaks to the broader landscape that goes upward. When you look at...

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  • blackfamily
    Traditional Gender Roles: Men and the Modern Family

    For centuries our lives have been defined by traditional gender roles. Men work. Women stay at home. That way of thinking worked for millennia and has contributed largely to the dynamics of society. Back in the day, men were...

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  • Los Angeles Clippers owner Sterling attends NBA basketball game between Raptors and Clippers in Los Angeles
    Thank you, Donald Sterling. I ain’t mad!

    Everyone seems to be outraged with former L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. But I urge you to take a breath and consider why we should actually be grateful to some degree. As profoundly damaging as his words and actions...

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  • younotyou
    What if you weren’t you?

    I was thinking. What if I were not me? What if I were someone else? I pondered that question long and hard. And you should too. If you’re reading this article, then you likely have access to Internet or...

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Our Portfolio

  • world-vision-uk-logo
    Charity I Support

    I was made aware of the work that World Vision does a few years ago at a Fred Hammond...

  • waterorg
    Charity I Support

    Clean water is something we take for granted. And there are many people around the world who don’t. They...

  • SJ color logo
    Charity I Support

    No child should have to suffer and die from cancer. If you’re like me, you know someone who has...

  • bmfoundation
    Charity I Support

    Some years ago, I was afflicted with Sarcoidosis. I never knew how my outlook on life would be impacted...